Gyros – Polish layered chicken salad (99p)

Another one from time spent in Poland. (I’m English with a bit of Scottish thrown in, by the way.) This is a good table-filler which I ate with friends on numerous occasions, and I’ve done my best to recreate the dish as I remember it. Gyros is pronounced ‘gee-ross’, with the ‘g’ hard as in ‘goat’.

2016-12-13 Giros (2) final.jpg

2016-12-13 Giros (1) ingreedients.jpg

Seven layers in my creation. Feel free to adjust quantities according to personal preference or experiment with other ingredients. From bottom to top:

  1. Chicken – 200g of meat, well chopped up. Can brown the chicken in a frying pan with a bit of all-purpose seasoning or stock for a bit of extra flavour. I’ve also made this with pheasant, which was delicious.
  2. Tomatoes – two beef tomatoes with the seeds removed, chopped up small, and with a generous squeeze of ketchup on top if you want.
  3. Red onion – half a red onion chopped up small. Can use white onion, but makes it a bit too oniony for me.
  4. Gherkins – three sliced up.
  5. Petit pois – 150g. Sweetcorn is normally used, but I don’t like sweetcorn. Gently press everything down a bit at this point.
  6. Mayonnaise – 200 ml, well-mixed with a flat teaspoon each of turmeric, coriander, paprika and all-purpose seasoning, dolloped across the peas. (Gyros flavouring can be bought ready-made in small packs from Polish shops.) Best made a few hours before so that the spice flavours can leech properly into the mayo.
  7. Lettuce – half an iceberg lettuce well chopped up. I also sprinkled grated carrot on top for visual appeal.


I actually find this tastes best after half-a-day, when the various flavours have melded together a bit. Total cost, including electricity cooking the chicken (6 hours in a slow-cooker on ‘low’ overnight), £4.30.


Makes five servings. With a chunk of buttered bread and the mandatory mug of Earl Grey, a meal for 99p.

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