Pickled Eggs

Facebook post 11 Oct 2016.

Today’s venture – pickled eggs. Hard-boiled in 8 minutes, shelled, then put in a jar of distilled vinegar with ½ a teaspoon of salt. Sealed, they sit for a day or two before opening, but once the jar is open it should go in the fridge. Just had my first one with a doorstep-sized slice of bread with butter and a cup of tea, the whole lot costs 33p.


Recalls experiences of occasionally trying the suspicious-looking pickled eggs that sit behind pub bars. Mine definitely tasted better! I think the best use would be sliced with a salad though.


The distilled vinegar (or ‘spirit’) has a sharp, sour taste – white wine vinegar (which Jack recommends) has a more complex flavour, being literally white wine that has acidified. I prefer the tang of distilled vinegar rather than the ‘vinegary’ taste of wine and other fermented vinegars.